Welcome to this temporary website to facilitate inter-partner communication. Are you developing a project proposal for the Calls 2020 or 2021 and looking for partners? Through this website we offer you a way to state what you are looking for to strengthen your consortium or express interest in joining a proposal. The website is open to organisations from within the EIT Urban Mobility partnership as well as outside. If regarded by you to add value, this test service may be added to the ordinary EIT Urban Mobility website.

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The new 2020 Call areas

Call 2020 Citizen Engagement

With the aim to boost the uptake of citizen engagement activities within EIT Urban to bring EIT Urban Mobility to the attention of a wider EU audience and increase its outreach and impact, activities in 2020 will consist of collecting best practices, developing a citizen engagement strategy and creating a citizen engagement platform. There isContinue reading “Call 2020 Citizen Engagement”

Click here for more information about the Call for Proposals 2020.

The 2021 Call areas

Call 2021 Innovation

Focus on innovation activities delivering products / services / solutions at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 and above. Innovation activities may fall into one of the following categories: Research — creating and improving concepts for mobility solutions, with a focus on regulation Test — building, testing and learning in fast iterations, co-creating withContinue reading “Call 2021 Innovation”

Call 2021 Academy

Activities in the form of pilots and experiments to improve and introduce new content, formats and business models to the Master School, the Doctoral Training Network and the Competence Hub. Academy activities may fall into one of the following categories: Master School Doctoral Training Network Competence Hub As succinct as possible, state what you lookContinue reading “Call 2021 Academy”

Call 2021 Business Creation

Activities to continue and improve content, formats and business models of the Accelerator programme, Scale-up Hub and Go Global.  Business Creation activities may fall into one of the following categories: Acceleration in the Innovation Hubs South, Central, East, North, West (resubmissions only) Accelerator programme, Central Services Scale-up Hub, including Go Global  As succinct as possible,Continue reading “Call 2021 Business Creation”

Call 2021 Citizen Engagement

EIT Urban Mobility is looking for new, effective ways to co-create together with citizens, involve them in the ideation process, to look for and test suitable solutions together with industry, academia, cities and all stakeholders of a city. Citizen Engagement proposals should: introduce new formats, contents and business models for citizen engagement activities in lineContinue reading “Call 2021 Citizen Engagement”

Click here for more information about the Call for Proposals 2021.

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This site is primarily for communication between partners or potential new partners. For communication with EIT Urban Mobility or specific Call information, see About.

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